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We will take care of your
international transport

Another way to deliver your cargo to your destination is spedition. Our clients do not have to worry about procuring transport..

Company Svědík s.r.o. will find the most suitable shipping on the market for them. We are specialists in Europe, especially Scandinavia, so we are also able to provide international spedition.

If the client uses spedition, he will receive a comprehensive logistics service, including a guarantee that the pacage will arrive at the place of delivery on time and undamaged.




Spedition will save your time
and worries.

The advantages of spedition include the provision of all necessary legal and transport requirements, so that the company provides all the appropriate documentation. After concluding the agreement, the client will inform us of the conditions under which the package are ready for transport and we will then arrange for the goods to be delivered without any problems.

Spedition saves clients not only a lot of time, but also unnecessary worries.